Introducing the best virtual credit card malaysia! BigPay is an e-wallet and prepaid card service launched by AirAsia.

What is virtual credit card? Virtual credit cards are online cards that are not physically issued by the credit card provider and to be used to perform an online payment with the help of their credit cards/banking services.

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Unlike e-wallets, BigPay card is accepted world-wide. Receive instant notifications and freeze it in one tap virtual credit card Malaysia.


Doing a bank transfer to one of your friends takes way too long. With BigPay, it’s as easy as sending a WhatsApp.


Ever tried keeping tabs on your spending? Well, BigPay does it for you – right from the app. Next level analytics.


BigPay is free to get and free to keep. Even the ATM withdrawal fees are fixed. BigPay doesn't charge any fees for using BigPay day-to-day. Spending in Malaysia and overseas in shops, restaurants, or online are all free, with no added fees. Currently, there is no annual fee.


Banks charge you a mark-up fee on top of the currency
exchange rate. We don’t. That’s more money for you virtual credit card Malaysia.


When paying with a debit or credit card, processing fees can amount to up to RM24 per booking. Why pay that?


Travelling not-so-light or scared of being hungry on your flight? Enjoy RM2 per pre-booked item with BigPay.


Spending with BigPay earns you BIG Points on every transaction. Use them to redeem free flights.


BigPay is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia, taking your account’s safety and security very seriously by virtual credit card Malaysia.

Virtual Credit Card Malaysia: Signing Up By Using

Promo Code “DBED3WZDO2″

1. How do I get the BigPay app?

You can download BigPay for free directly from the App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

​2. How do I sign up for BigPay? Use Referral Code DBED3WZDO2 to get extra RM10 for free! The second last character is capital letter O.

Follow the easy steps below:

Step 1
malaysia virtual credit card
Step 2
malaysia virtual credit card
Step 3
Step 4 – Use code DBED3WZDO2 to get RM10 free
malaysia virtual credit card
Step 5 and Step 6
malaysia virtual credit card
Card Arrived And Activate APP

3. How much does it cost to sign up for BigPay?

Signing up and getting your card is completely free! You will need to add a minimum of RM20 that will be stored on your card for your usage. BigPay doesn't charge any inactivity fee either, so signing up & keeping your BigPay account does not cost you anything.

​4. Who can use BigPay virtual credit card Malaysia?

All Malaysian residents are welcomed to BigPay as long as you are 18 years old or older.

​5. Will it cost me to withdraw cash on the BigPay card?

Withdrawals done in Malaysia will be subjected to a fee of RM6 per transaction & overseas withdrawals will be charged at RM10 per transaction. Please note, certain ATMs may impose additional fees on top of the above mentioned BigPay fees.

6. What currencies can I store in BigPay virtual credit card Malaysia?

The currency that can be stored in your account is Malaysian Ringgit, however your BigPay card can be used to pay for good and services all around the world. The best part is you'll always enjoy the real currency exchange rate with BigPay – no extra fees.

7. How long does it take to receive my card?

Your card should arrive to your chosen address 5 to 7 business days after you completed the initial add money request of RM20 to your account. For your ease of mind, you also will be able to track the status of your card from your BigPay app! Click on the 15 digit tracking number provided in the app to track your card.

8. How do I activate my card?

When you receive your new BigPay card, open your app and tap on ‘I have received my card'. Enter the 3-digit CVC found on the back of your card and you're done!

Benefits Of Using Virtual Credit Card Malaysia:

The main reason for the emergence of virtual credit cards and prepaid cards is to reduce the risk of online payment and achieve rational consumption. Virtual credit card can be used to verify the paypal, bind to WeChat, and Alipay. A virtual card can be said to be a credit card derivative brought about by weak network security. Due to the huge losses caused by credit card theft and fraud to credit card agencies and cardholders, they are forced to seek safe compensation methods, resulting in virtual cards. Unlike other e-wallets, you have no need to worry whether it is acceptable by merchants or not, since this is a mastercard, BigPay is already widely accepted locally and internationally.

Topping Up virtual credit card Malaysia

1. How do I add money to my BigPay account?

Choose your preferred method to add money by going to: Account > Top up > then choose either Credit, ATM/ Debit Card or Bank transfer

For credit/debit card top up:
i: Key in the card holder name, card number & card expiry date
ii: Your card details will now show up as one of the top up sources available on the app
iii: Key in your desired top up amount and your cvv/cvc code
iv: You will receive an OTP from your card issuing bank to verify the transaction
v: Key in your OTP to complete the transaction

For bank transfers:
i: Select your preferred bank
ii: Key in your desired top up amount
iii: You will be redirected to your bank's online banking portal in app
iv: Complete the transaction on your online banking portal to complete the transaction
v: You will receive an OTP from your card issuing bank to verify the transaction
vi: Key in your OTP to complete the transaction

Adding money will reflect on your BigPay account immediately

Please do note that American Express cards are currently not accepted as a method to add money.

2. What is the maximum amount I can have in my account?

At any one time you can have a maximum of RM10,000 in your BigPay account.

3. Is there a limit on how much I can top up a month?

There is NO limit on top ups using bank transfer and debit cards, but remember that the maximum amount your account can hold is RM10,000 at any one time. If you're using a credit card to top up, you can top up a maximum of RM10,000 per month.

4. What happens when I hit my credit card top up limit?

You can still top up your BigPay account using either Bank transfers or your ATM/debit cards provided that the balance on your account does not exceed RM10,000

5. What currencies can I store in BigPay?

The currency that can be stored in your account is Malaysian Ringgit, however your BigPay card can be used to pay for good and services all around the world. The best part is you'll always enjoy the real currency exchange rate with BigPay – no extra fees.

6. Will I be charged for topping up by card?

You will not be charged if you are using a Malaysian issued debit or credit card.

7. Can I top up with a non-Malaysian issued debit/credit card?

You can top up with any international Visa or Mastercard. Unfortunately American Express is not supported as a top up source for BigPay For foreign cards or currencies you will have to check with your issuing bank on their rates and fees as it differs from bank to bank.

To Get BigPay, Obtain at Android PlayStore or Apple APP Retailer

Lastly, do not forget to use Promo Code “DBED3WZDO2″ during registration to get RM10 for free

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